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I'm the one who likes vinyl, if you haven't recognised ;-)))

Born: August 6, 1958, which makes me an old geezer;-)))

Live in Nazareth Ellit, Israel

Occupation: Electronics engineer

How I became a Heep fan, you ask? It happened sometime in 1974. It was just when Purple's Stormbringer was released. Went to a record store, with money for just one album. The store's front window, and an entire inside wall were covered with Stormbringers. So I decided against it;-))) Looked through the record bins, and saw an album with a tank on it's cover. Haven't heard anything of this band before, so I decided to check it out. Never looked back. I hope you guessed the album was Salisbury;-)))

My 1st Heep record: see above;-)))

My most treasured Heep item: My 1st copy of Salisbury, and the Heep collage painting.

My most expensive Heep item: The Philips original release of the Weed album, which I paid US$385 for. For the Major Minor release of Head Machine-Orgasm I paid US$240. And there are some more items which had me part with sums larger then US$100. As you can see, Ken Hensley costed me a lot of money;-)))

My life's story;-)))

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For the audiophiles amoungst you - my HI-FI system

And something for the money people out there;-)))
Do you think I have good credit?;-)))

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