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Me and a Friend
I'm the one who likes vinyl, if you haven't recognised ;-)))

Main System
Turntable - Rega P3 with Goldring G1042 cartridge
Preamplifier/Proscessor - Rotel RSP-966
Front Power Amplifier - Harmon Kardon Signature 2.1
Rear Power Amplifier - Kenwood Basic M1D
Main Speakers - Canton Karat M80DC
Center Speaker- Canton Karat CM7
Rear Speakers - Bose AM-3 (what a pile of crap)
DVD - LG DV6842P
DVD 2 - Prosound DVIX9900USB (cheap one that plays everything)
Double Deck Tape - Sherwood D-480
Sound Level Meter - Radio Shack
Stylus Force Gage - Shure SFG-2
Cables - Ha, ha, don't make me laugh. I have never met an audiophile that can tell the difference;-)))
The main speakers are connected to the power amplifier in a bi-amp connection, with two amplifier channels driving the left speaker, two channels driving the right, and the 5th channel driving the center.

Secondary System (quite old, but still serves me well in my study)
Turntable - Kenwood KD3100 with Shure S92 cartridge
Stereo Reciever - Fisher RS909
CD player - Sony CDP315
Speakers - Jamo SW3
Connected to the computer, so I don't need computer speakers

Additional equipment (not in use, but should be working)
Turntable - Dual HS39 (based on Dual 1214), built-in amplifier, with Dual speakers - my first ever HI-FI system, bought in early 1974.
Turntable - some no brand with Shure S44 cartridge
2 CDPs - Both Sony
2 Stereo Recievers - 1 Sony, 1 Kenwood
Speakers set - Kenwood

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