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Boris' Life Story

Name : Boris Shnitzer
Nickname : The Cannibal
Position : High Priest of the Heep Cult
Homeworld : Salisbury

Boris was found on a Sunrise of one July Morning on the plains of the Salisbury planet which revolves in the Sea of Light of the Uriah Heep sun at the rim of the Old Trafford Galaxy where the Red Devils rule. No one knows where did he came from, or who left him there.

When he was sixteen he fell in love with a Gypsy queen. Her father took him to a little shack and put a whip across his back, and told him "You're not welcome on our land".

Boris became a Clown in the Pilgrim's Circus, and he protected walruses in the Equatorial sea's of Abominog, and he became the High and Mighty Dictator of the Fallen Angels. But still he was an Innocent Victim of heartbreaking circumstances, til' he met a Lady in Black, that asked him name his foe and then Return to Fantasy.

She took him to a Magician's Birthday on her Firefly wings, where he met the Rainbow Demon and drank his Blind Eye beers. At the Time of Revelation a Spellbinder told him " Look at Yourself " , crowned him the High Priest of the Heep Cult , and sent him out on his Conquests.

Since then Boris travelled Different World's, as a lone Heep Weekend Warrior, fighting the MTV believers with Fires of Hell and seeking for Sweet Freedom. That's how he became the infamous Cannibal, in Raging Silence he was having the MTV believers for breakfast, Head First, spicing them with some Sweet Sugar.

And once, not long ago, he heard the Words In The Distance spoken by the Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble Wizard, and he met the true Heep followers on England's Own world, and now together they spread the Heep word in the darkest places on the rim of the known Universe.

"In my heart, in my mind, in my soul"
May the Heep be with you, and the Red Devils rule their realm.

There's a line in a rhyme I was going to send to you
It says: "All that is to be will surely be"

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