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Bernie and Me
I'm the blond one ;-)))

Born: 14th of July 1970 (so 1970 was a good year, Heep's first album and me)

Residence: Böblingen, Germany

Occupation: car design engineer, Heepmonster and music addicted

How I became a Heepster:

When I was 15 or 16 years old, my sister asked me to bring back some books to the libary in the neighbour town. As a good and kind brother, I mounted my bike and rode straight ahead. But at that time I didn't know well that town and so I lost my way. While I was roaming about to find the libary, I detected a small record store right on the way.

It was that age when young people discover their musical interests. My friends were deep in mid 80's metal and so was I. I had a lot of casettes, but only two records. Jethro Tull's „Best Of“ and Queen's „Live Killers“ were a bit untypical for me that time, but I had some influences from my elder sisters and their friends. I had no idea about records and reissues and collectables and so on and the only song from Heep I knew was Lady In Black (that was wrong! I found it out later.)

In front of that store they had a big box with „special offer“ records and I decided to have a look at them. And then I was shocked! Oh my god, what an unbelievable cover! O.k., it's no surprise that that was Demons And Wizards.

It was a German reissue, not with foldout cover, without tracklisting on the cover (and the record was not in there. You had to get the records in the store) . But due to my lack of knowledge about records I thought: „Wow, a lp from 1972, and still available!“ I thought about Lady In Black, remembering I liked that song, and decided to buy this record.

Finally I found the libary, and after I had carried out my sisters order, I went back home.

My first thing to do was putting on my third record ever. Listening to the first track I thought: „Hmm, nice, but too soft“. Nowadays I think that's very funny, because I bought that record having Lady In Black in mind, and that song is far from being heavy in the style of the 80's! Then there was Traveller In Time and I began to like the record really. With the first chords of Easy Livin' I knew I made I good deal. And I recognized that I have known EL already.

I liked the next two songs with the first listening, but Rainbow Demon was the point I fell in love with Heep.

So my sister is responsible for my biggest and longest lasting love. By the way, she is responsible for my first bass guitar and my first Heep concert too!

My first copy of D&W went through the hands of lots of friends and we listened to it very often. It is now very scratchy and noisy, but I'll never give it away. It's the sign of the beginning of a true and great love!

My 1st Heep record: see above;-)))

My most treasured Heep item: Of course my very first Heep LP, but also John Lawton's Still Payin' My Dues signed CD, because I have a lot of memories about the day (and the following) I got it.

My most expensive Heep items:
LP: original German pressing of Bakerloo (157,50 €)
CD: Uriah Heep Acoustically Driven Platinum Subscribtion (109,93 €)
7in: John Lawton Just A Little Bit (33,50 €)
12in: Uriah Heep Backstage Girl US promo (only 6,90 €)
CDS: Uriah Heep Lady In Black French LE (12,27 €)

My Life story - Do you need an authobiographer, Manfred?;-))) Everything is possible for a small fee;-)))

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