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Uriah Heep - with David Byron

Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
LP Very 'eavy…Very 'umble Holland
Bronze/Ariola Benelux 88164 XAT 88164 XAT EX/EX
LP Very 'eavy…Very 'umble Asia
IANT TD-1155 TD-1155 VG/VG
LP Salisbury Germany 1977 Island/Ariola 28764 ET 28764 ET EX/EX
LP Look At Yourself Holland
Island/Ariola Benelux 85703 ILPS 85703 IT VG/VG Two copies
LP Look At Yourself UK 1971 Island/Bronze ILPS9169 ILPS9169 VG/VG
LP Demons And Wizards UK 1972 Bronze ILPS 9193 ILPS 9193 EX/EX Original inner sleeve
LP The Magician's Birthday Holland 1972 Island/Ariola Benelux 86456 IT 86456 IT EX/EX Original lyric insert
LP Sweet Freedom Holland 1973 Island/Ariola Benelux 87232 IT 87232 IT EX/EX & VG/VG Two copies
LP Wonderworld UK 1974 Bronze ILPS 9280 ILPS 9280 EX/EX Original inner sleeve
LP Wonderworld Holland 1974 Bronze/Ariola Benelux 87931 IT 87931 IT VG/VG Original inner sleeve
LP Return To Fantasy Germany 1975 Bronze/Ariola 28783 XOT 28783 XOT EX/EX Original inner sleeve (purple)
LP Return To Fantasy Holland 1975 Bronze/Ariola Benelux 89065 XOT 89065 XOT VG/VG Original inner sleeve (white)
LP High And Mighty Holland 1976 Bronze/Ariola Benelux 27438 XOT 27438 XOT EX/EX Original inner sleeve
LP High And Mighty USA 1976 Warner BS 2949 BS 2949 VG/EX
CD Very 'eavy…Very 'umble France 1990 Castle CLACD105 CLACD105 EX/EX
CD Very 'eavy…Very 'umble UK 1996 Essential ESMCD316 ESMCD316 M/M Remaster
CD Salisbury UK 1988 Castle CLACD106 CLACD106 EX/EX
CD Salisbury UK 1996 Essential ESMCD317 ESMCD317 M/M Remaster
CD Look At Yourself USA 1986 Mercury/Polygram 814 180-2 814 180-2 VG/VG
CD Look At Yourself UK 1996 Essential ESMCD318 ESMCD318 M/M Remaster
CD Demons And Wizards France 1987 Castle CLACD 108 CLACD 108 EX/EX
CD Demons And Wizards UK 1996 Essential ESMCD 319 ESMCD 319 M/M Remaster
CD The Magician's Birthday UK 1986 Castle CLACD 109 CLACD 109 EX/EX
CD The Magician's Birthday UK 1996 Essential ESMCD 339 ESMCD 339 M/M Remaster
CD Sweet Freedom UK 1990 Castle CLACD 183 CLACD 183 EX/EX 
CD Sweet Freedom UK 1996 Essential ESMCD 338 ESMCD 338 M/M Remaster
CD Wonderworld UK 1990 Castle CLACD 184 CLACD 184 EX/EX
CD Wonderworld UK 1996 Essential ESMCD 380 ESMCD 380 M/M Remaster
CD Return To Fantasy France 1989 Castle CLACD 175 CLACD 175 EX/EX
CD Return To Fantasy UK 1996 Essential ESMCD 381 ESMCD 381 M/M Remaster
CD High And Mighty UK 1990 Castle CLACD 191 CLACD 191 EX/EX
CD High And Mighty UK 1997 Essential ESMCD 468 ESMCD 468 M/M Remaster
Songbook Wonderworld USA 1974 Warner

Songbook Return To Fantasy USA 1975 Warner


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