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Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
LP Live 1973 Germany 1973 Island/Ariola 86795 XT 86795 XT EX/EX
LP Live 1973 UK 1973 Bronze/EMI BRON301/302 BRSP 1 EX/EX Original inner sleeves
LP Live in Europe 1979 UK 1986 Raw Power RAWLP 030 RAWLP 030 EX/VG
LP Live In Moscow Germany 1988 Legacy INT 148 811 INT 148 811 EX/EX
12in Easy Livin'/Corina/Gypsy UK 1988 Legacy LGYT65 LGYT65 M/M Red vinyl + poster
CD Live 1973 EEC 1990 Castle CCSCD 317 CCSCD 317 EX/EX
CD Live 1973 UK 1996 Essential ESMCD 320 ESMCD 320 EX/EX Remaster
CD Live  At Shepperton '74 UK 1997 Essential ESMCD 590 ESMCD 590 M/M Remaster
CD Live UK 1991 Marble Arch CMA CD 123 CMA CD 123 VG/VG
CD King Biscuit Flower Hour USA 1997 BMG 70710-88027-2 70710-88027-2 EX/EX
CD Live In Europe 1979 UK 2000 Essential ESDCD 819 ESDCD 819 EX/EX Remaster
CD Live In Moscow EEC 1992 Castle CLACD 276 CLACD 276 VG/VG
CD Live In Moscow UK 1998 Essential ESMCD 611 ESMCD 611 M/M Remaster
CD In Concert Switserland 1995 All At Once AAO 93542 AAO 93542 M/M Different cover
CD Spellbinder Germany 1996 SPV 085-76992 085-76992 M/M
CD Spellbinder Germany 1996 SPV 085-76992-P
EX/M Promo in company cardboard sleev
CD Spellbinder Japan 1996 SPV/Teichiku TECW-25208 TECW-25208 M/M Different backcover, signed
CD Rock Legends EEC 2004 Regeneration REG1748 REG1748 M/M
CD Future Echoes Of The Past UK 2001 Phantom 605 605 EX/M Limited edition no.064
CD Acoustically Driven UK 2001 Classic Rock Legends CRL0676 CRL0676 EX/M Limited edition no.139
CD The Magician's Birthday Party UK 2002 Classic Rock Productions CRL0933 CRL0933 M/M
CD Electrically Driven UK 2001 Classic Rock Legends CRL0715 CRL0715 M/M
CDS Come Away Melinda/Heartless Land/Time Of Revelation/Everything In Life UK 2001 Classic Rock Legends CRL0692 CRL0692 M/M
CDS Lady In Black/Cross That Line/Circus/Lady In Black UK 2001 Classic Rock Legends CRL0720 CRL0720 M/M
Itinerarie Easy Livin Tour, July 1987 Crete UK 1987 Miracle

VG Phil's Copy
Itinerarie German Tour 1989 UK 1989 Miracle

Itinerarie Different World Tour Japan 1991 UK 1991 Miracle

Program On Tour UK 1975 Bronze

Program Innocent Victim Tour UK 1977 Bronze

Program World Tour UK 1980 Bronze

Program British Tour '80 UK 1980 Bronze

VG Postergram
Program World Tour 1985 UK 1985 CBS


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