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Me and Russell

Born: 29th April 1967
Married with 3 lovely daughters

Location - Blackburn, Lancashire England

Occupation - Fitter (repair lacing machines for mining industry)

I've been a Heep fan since 1978, I was 11 at that time.  Music was still a mystery to me back then and I had no direction in musical preference. 
A good friend of mine bought Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble from the local record exchange, anyway he hated it and was about to throw it in the bin. 
I saw the cover and thought Wow that's cool so I asked him if I could have it.  As soon as I heard the opening to Gypsy I was hooked,
I'd never heard anything this amazing before.  I added another 5 or 6 albums over the next few years and began a life long love for Heep that has never dwindled.
After my early years Heep took a back seat for many years.  I still played the albums but I had no clue has to what they were upto if anything. 
In late 1999 we bought a computer for my daughters schoolwork.  I was totally new to computers and had no idea what they were capable of. 
After a few months I was told about the internet and that I should get it as I had a computer.  After much persuation I agreed that we should give it ago.  This changed my life forever.  I had no clue what to do so my daughter told me to search for something in Google. As I couldn't think what to write I thought of Heep, the results were fantastic and for about a week I found out more about Heep than I ever could have wished for. 
Heep were still alive and kicking and here started my desire to hear more Heep.
I basically had the following on vinyl at this time, VEVU, Salisbury, Live 73, D&W, TMB, Abominog and The Best Of album.  All very old and very scratched.  My daughter bought me the Travellers In Time Anthology CD for Christmas 2000 and since that day I have (when able to) added to my collection of mainly CDs.  It took a few years to have all the Heep CDs but when I did I thought it was time to branch out to Related artists too. 
I'm delighted I have because I discovered some great music especially John Lawton who's music is my favourite away from Heep.
Although my collection is rather small I'm very happy with it and always looking to add to it when I can. 

My 1st Heep record: Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble

My most treasured Heep item: Photo personally signed and sent from Mick Box

My most expensive Heep item: The Legend Continues Silver Disc signed

My life's story;-)))

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