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Wake The Sleeper
(25th Uriah Heep Album. Released in June 2008)
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Track List - 2008 Original Release

Name Songwriting Credits Time Remarks
A1 Wake The Sleeper  Box/Lanzon  3:34
A2 Overload  Box/Lanzon  5:59
A3 Tears Of The World  Box/Lanzon  4:46
A4 Light Of A Thousand Stars  Box/Lanzon  3:58
A5 Heaven's Rain  Box/Lanzon  4:17
A6 Book Of Lies  Box/Lanzon  4:06

B1 What Kind Of God  Box/Lanzon  6:37
B2 Ghost Of The Ocean  Box/Lanzon  3:22
B3 Angels Walk With You  Bolder  5:24
B4 Shadow  Lanzon  3:35
B5 War Child  Bolder/Gallagher  5:07

Bonus Track - 2008 Special Promotional DJ CD

Name Songwriting Credits Time Remarks
12 You Are The Only One  Bolder  5:43

Album Charts

Confirmed Releases
Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Remarks Members
LP Wake The Sleeper EU 2008 Noise Sanctuary Universal 1767594 1767594 OR, FOC, LYR, MER-Sheet 3

CD Wake The Sleeper Malaysia 2008 Sanctuary 1767027 1767027   2
CD Wake The Sleeper EU 2008 Sanctuary 1767027 1767027   2
CD Wake The Sleeper Australia 2008 Noise Sanctuary Universal 1767027 1767027 OR, BKL, LYR 1
CD Wake The Sleeper Japan 2008 Sanctuary UICO-9038 UICO-9038 SHMCD.OBI. 1
CD Wake The Sleeper UK 2008 Sanctuary 109 - Numbered 12 track DJ cd. 12. You Are The Only One. Restricted release. Watermarked. Promo-Not for sale. 1
CD Wake The Sleeper USA 2008 Sanctuary Records/Hip-o Records B0011603-02   1

For complete album releases, line-up, credits and lyrics visit Tapio Minkkinen's Heepfiles
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