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Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
LD Easy Livin' - A History Of Japan 1985 Virgin   SM068-3070 M/M Laser Disc - NTSC
LD 20th Anniverssary Live Legends Concert  Japan / USA 1991 Castle   ID8666CA M/M Laser Disc - NTSC. Sealed.
DVD Future Echoes In The Dark UK 2001 CRP   CRL0592 M/M DVD. Limited edition, NO.59. Signed. In slip case.
DVD The Legend Continues UK 2001 CRP   CRL0592 M/M DVD.  
DVD Acoustically Driven UK 2001 CRP   CRL0675 M/M DVD, CD and booklet. Subscribers limited edition, NO.83. Signed. In slip case. 
DVD Sailing The Sea Of Light UK 2001 CRP   CRL0723 M/M/M/M DVD, CD and booklet set. Signed.
DVD-A The Best USA 2001 Silverline   228057-9 M/M DVD-Audio
DVD The Magicians Birthday Party UK 2002 CRP   CRL0879 M/M/M/M DVD, CD and booklet. Special edition. Slip case. 
DVD Gypsy UK 2002 Sanctuary   SVE3006 M/M DVD.
DVD Moscow And Beyond… Germany 2002 CRP   CRL0918 M/M DVD.
DVD Live In The USA Germany 2003 CRP   CRL1085 M/M DVD.
DVD-A From The Front Row…Live! USA 2003 Silverline   288204-9 M/M DVD-Audio
DVD Magic Night UK 2004 CRP   CRL1162 M/M/M/M DVD, CD and booklet set. Special edition. 
SACD Magic Night UK 2004 CRP   CRL1537 M/M SACD.
DVD Classic Heep - Live From The Byron Era Germany 2004 CRP   CRL1539 M/MM 2 DVD and book set. Special edition. 
DTS Gold From The Byron Era EU 2004 CRP   CRP1674 M/M DTS-Surround. NTSC.
DVD The Ultimate Anthology Germany 2004 Ragnarock   DVDUK047D M/M DVD.
DVD Inside Uriah Heep - The Hensley Years EU 2004 CRP   CRP1743 M/MM 2 DVD and book set. Special edition. 
DVD Between Two Worlds UK 2005 Angry Penguin   PEN1772 M/M DVD.
DVD Wizards And Demons UK 2005 Hurricane   HUR2299 M/M/M 2 DVD and book set.

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