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Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
LP Head First UK 1983 Bronze BRON545 BRON545 M-/M-
LP Head First Germany 1983 Ariola 205 474 205 474-320 EX/EX
LP Head First USA 1982 Mercury
912313-1 M1 M-M- Sealed.
LP Head First Japan 1983 Victor VIL-6051 VIL-6051 M-/M/M/M/M
12in Stay On Top/Love Is Blind/Rolling The Rock UK 1983
BROX 168 - EX White label promo.
(Side1) (Side 2)
12in Stay InTop / Straight Through The Heart USA 1983 Mercury MK241 - EX Promo. 33rpm.
7in Lonely Nights/Weekend Warriors Germany 1983 Bronze 105 377 105 377-100 EX/EX
7in Stay On Top/Playing For Time Germany 1983 Bronze 105 778 105 778-100 EX/EX
7in PICT Lonely Nights/Weekend Warriors UK 1983 Bronze BROP 166 - M- Picture disc 7in Single
(Side1) (Side 2)
7in+EP Stay On Top/Playing For Time UK 1983 Bronze BRO 168 / HEEP 1 BROG 168 EX/VG+VG+ Double gatefold 7in Single. 45 and 33.
(Inside image)
7in Flexi Red Lights / Weeekend Warriors USSR 1988 Krugozor #4/88 #4/88 EX/EX Magazine, with 6x7in Flexi discs. 
7in Flexi Stay On Top/Love Is Blind USSR 1988 Krugozor 11-12 - EX
CD Head First France 1983 Castle
CLACD209 M/M  
CD Head First UK 1983 Essential ESMCD 572 GAS0000572ESM ESMCD 572 GAS0000572ESM M/M Remaster.
MC Head First UK 1983 Bronze BRONC545 BRONC545 EX/EX  
Poster Head First Street Promo UK 1983 Bronze

EX Very large. 
Poster Head First USA 1983 Mercury

Promo A History -  Bronze Records Promo Bio, Head First UK 1984 Bronze

EX (Outside) (Inside)
Itinerary November 1984 Head First Tour Itinerary Germany 1984 IMPA

EX (1st page) (2nd page)
Heepware Head First 1983 Tour T-shirt   1983       VG Grey, with half length sleeves.
(Front) (Rear)
Heepware Head First 1983 Tour T-shirt   1983       VG Black
(Front) (Rear)
Heepware Head First 1983 Tour T-shirt   2006       EX Black, with half length sleeves. Reproduction.
(Front) (Rear)



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