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Fallen Angel
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Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
LP Fallen Angel Germany 1978 Ariola 26 449 XOT 26 449 XOT EX/EX Gatefold
LP Fallen Angel UK 1978 Bronze   BRNA512 EX/EX Gatefold.
LP Fallen Angel USA 1978 Chysalis   CHR1204 M/M 2 copies. 1 Sealed.
LP Fallen Angel Mexico 1978 Ariola   LA-129 EX/EX Gatefold. Labels in Spanish.
LP Fallen Angel Japan 1978 Toshiba   WBS-81149 M-/M-/M-/M-/M Gatefold.
7in Love Or Nothing/Gimme Love Germany 1978 Bronze 15 591 AT 15 591 AT EX/EX  
7in Come Back To Me/Cheater Germany 1979 Bronze 15 881AT 15 881AT EX/EX  
CD Fallen Angel France 1978 Castle   CLACD176 M/M  
CD Fallen Angel UK 1997 Essential ESMCD561 GAS0000561ESM ESMCD561 GAS0000561ESM M/M Remaster.
CD Fallen Angel UK 2004 Sanctury   SMRCD111 M/M 2nd remaster. De-luxe, expanded, with slip case.
MC Fallen Angel UK 1978 Bronze TC-BRNA512 TC-BRNA512 EX/EX  
MC Fallen Angel UK 1979 Castle CLAMC176 CLAMC176 EX/EX  
MC Fallen Angel USA 1979 Chrysalis CCH1204 CCH1204 EX/EX  
8T Fallen Angel USA 1978 Chrysalis   CCH1204 EX/EX Sealed.
Promo Ad Fallen Angel  Billboard Promo Ad USA 1978 Chrysalis     EX Color.
Poster Fallen Angel USA 1978 Chysalis     EX  
Poster Fallen Angel Tour 79 Germany 1979 Interteam     EX Offenbach, Jan. 22, 1979
Poster Fallen Angel USA 1978       EX  
Postergram Fallen Angel Tour Postergram, 1979 UK 1979 Bronze     VG+ Signed
Badge Fallen Angel           EX Round 4cm
Badge Fallen Angel           EX Round 5.5cm

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