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Media Title Country Year Label / Distributor Cat-No. Media Cat-No. CV Condition Remarks
LP Special DJ Copy Japan 1973 Columbia   Y-3023 VG+/EX  
LP Best Of    (rear)
Japan 1974 Columbia   YP-7021-BZ EX/EX/EX/EX/VG+ Different Sleeve.
LP Downunda Australia 1974 WEA   25-002 EX/M-M- Gatefold. 2LP.
LP The Very Best Of   (inside)
Japan 1974 Columbia   YZ-66-7-BZ EX/MM/M-/M Gatefold. 2LP.
LP Goldener Lowe Germany 1977 RTL   34 486 1 M/M/M/M With Poster. 2 Copies. 1 Sealed.
LP EMI Introduce The New Bronze Age UK 1977 EMI   PSLP209 M-/M- Sampler Not For Sale. Demo.
LP Best Of Bronze Korea 1991 EMI   OLE289 EX/M-  
LP The Best Of Uriah Heep Korea 1978 Della HSR   HSR-9021 M-/M-/M With Insert. 1991 RI.
LP Anthology France 1985 Raw Power   RAWLP012 EX/EX 2LP.
LP Masters Of Rock South Africa 1986 Teal   MMTL1370 M-/M- Sealed. Best Of Compilation, 70s.
LP Collection UK 1988 Legacy   LLM3019 EX/EX
LP Collection Brazil 1989 Young   320.7038 EX/EX Promo.
LP Look At Yourself/Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble UK 1988 Castle   TFOLP7 VG/VG 2LP. 2 Albums In Gatefold.
LP The Collection UK 1989 Castle   CCSLP226 M-/M- 2LP.
LP Still 'Eavy, Still Proud Korea 1990 Seoul Records   SEPR102 M/M/M/M  
LP Still 'Eavy, Still Proud UK 1990 Legacy   LLP133 M/M Sealed.
LP Still 'Eavy, Still Proud Germany 1990 Legacy   INT148.813 EX/M-  
LP Two Decades In Rock UK 1990 Castle   ESBLP022 EX/MMMMM/M/M 5LP Set. With Booklet And Promo.
PICT Chris Tetley Presents    (back)
UK 1990 Rock Hard   ROHA LP2 M-/M- Picture Disc, With Sleeve.
7in Original Double Hit - Lady In Black/Easy Livin' Germany 1975 Bronze 103 007 103 007 VG/EX  
EP The Rest Of The Best- The time will come/What can I do/Simon the bullit freak/Sunshine Holland 1976 Bronze   UH1 VG/EX  Fanclub EP
EP The Wizard/The Park/Sunrise/Tales Thailand 1972   PN0048 PN0048 VG-/VG 45 EP
EP July Morning(10:36)/Sunrise(4:04)/The Park(5:38) Thailand   4 Track FT971 - VG 33RPM. EP.
EP Gypsy(6:31) / Easy Livin'(2:37) / Walking In Your Shadow(4:26) Thailand   4 Track FT998 FT998 G/G 45rpm EP.
7in Box Wake Up - The Singles Collection Italy 2006 Earmark   EA41051SEP M/M/M/M/M/M/M Singles Collection 6x7" Box Set
CD Anthology - Volume One UK 1986 LEGACY   LLMCD3003 M/M  
CD The Lansdowne Tapes USA 1994 Viceroy   VIN6015-2 EX/EX  
CD The Lansdowne Tapes UK 1994 Red Steel   RPM115 M/M  
CD The Lansdowne Tapes UK 2002 Essential   CMDDD441 M/M 2 CD. Remaster.
CD Classic Heep - An Antology USA 1998 Mercury   314 558863-2 M/MM 2 CD Compilation.
CD The Lawton Years 1976-1979 USA 2000 Heepsters   HMLR2 CDR 2 CDR. Outtakes And Ten Miles.
CD Echoes In The Dark UK 1991 Pickwick   ELITE020CD M/M Compilation.
CD Rock Giants EEC   Spectrum   554109-2 M/M Compilation.
CD Rarities From The Bronze Age UK 1991 Sequel   NEX CD184 M/M  
CD Chris Tetley Presents France 1990 Rock Hard   ROHA CD2 M/M  
CD Still 'Eavy, Still Proud Canada 1990 Griffin   GCD-281-2 M/M  
CD Still 'Eavy, Still Proud UK 1998 Essential   ESMCD613 M/M Remaster.
CD Two Decades In Rock UK 1990 Castle   ESBCD022 M/MMM 3CD Set.
CD The Best Of…Part 2 UK 1997 Essential   ESMCD594 M/M Remaster.
CD 2 Originals Of Uriah Heep - Sea Of Light/Spellbinder Germany 2000 SPV   SPV-310-21920 M/M M/M 2 CD Set. Sealed.
CD A Time Of Revelation - 25 Years On UK 1996 Essential   ESFCD298 M/MMMM/M 4 CD Set + Book. Limited Edition, NO.02547. Signed By Mick Box.
CD Remasters UK 2001 CRP   CRL0932 M/M 2 CD
CD The Bronze Story UK 2000 Essential   ESDCD817 M/MM 2 CD Compilation. In Slip Case.
CD Chapter & Verse UK 2005 Essential   SMXBX233 M/M/M/M/M/M 6 CD Set + Book and Poster.
CDS Lady In Black France 1988 Castle   CD3-16 M/M 3 songs.
CDS Lady In Black Germany 1989 Bronze   653007 M/M 3 songs.
CDS Lady In Black Germany 1993 Castle   8800110 M/M 2 songs.
CDS Box Wake Up - The Singles Collection Italy 2006 Earmark   EA41051SCD M/M/M/M/M/M/M Singles Collection 6xCD Box Set.
MC " 1970 - 1978 " Promo Germany 1978 Bronze     EX/EX/G Large Booktype Box With Booklet And Cassette. In German. 2 Copies. PR.
MC The Best Of UK 1995 Castle ESS288 ESS288 EX/EX/EX Double Cassette.
(CV front) (CV back)
MC The Best Of Canada 1972 Mercury MIP4-1-9476 MIP4-1-9476 EX/EX  
MC Look At Yourself/Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble UK 1988 Castle TFOMC 7 TFOMC 7 EX/EX 2 Albums On 1 Tape.
MC Chris Tetley Presents UK 1990 Rock Hard ROHA MC2 ROHA MC2 EX/EX  
MC Chris Tetley Presents 1st Issue UK 1985 Wide A Wake WAWP1 WAWP1 EX/EX  
MC Anthology UK 1985 Castle RAWTC012 RAWTC012 EX/EX  
Songbook The Magicians Birthday USA 1973 Warner     VG+  
Songbook Twenty Songs UK 1975 Wise AM1655B - EX  
Songbook Collection. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Tablature UK 1994 EMI 19077 - EX  

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